Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jumping the Hurdle of Approval (DIY Post #2)

And so the DIY project begins...

Our curtain-less windows
So this week my job was to get the approval of a few different people for permission to do the project. I talked with the athletics director Mrs. Lawler, and she was delighted with the idea - especially after I told her the current state and condition of our team room. She said that I had her permission as long as Coach Nichols was okay with it, and suggested that we make an outline of our plans for the room, and show it to her. The only thing we would need to tell her about is if we decide to repaint the team room - she has to approve of the paint that we use because of school regulations.

Another curtain-less window
The second person I talked to was the girls water polo coach - Kaileigh. She, too, was very happy and supportive of the project. Since she is the coach of one of the 3 teams that share our aquatics team room, I asked her if she wanted anything specific to be done to the room. She only had a few requests: curtains for the windows as well as the removal of the entertainment systems (TV & game systems), or a storage area for them where they wouldn't be seen. One of my water polo friends - Merri Lightbody suggested that we secure the white board to the wall better because it currently flaps around every time someone writes on it.

The input that I received from them will contribute to the end product, and hopefully we will be able to satisfy the needs of all of the coaches and swimmers.

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