Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Judgment Day (DIY Post #18)

We got 100%!! :)
Today we gave our presentation, and it went surprisingly well. As with everything else, there was one unforeseen problem that arose, but other than that all went well. At the beginning of the presentation, Mr. Ziebarth loaded our video on youtube, but it refused to play. So we talked a little bit and improvised as I tried to get the video to work on Mr. Ziebarth's computer. It finally did, and the rest of our presentation went on without any more bumps. Although there was some criticism of our presentation, for the most part it went very well. You can view the youtube video of our presentation pictures here:

During lunch, I went into Mr. Z's classroom to see what our grade was. He gave me the small slip of paper, and it said that we had gotten 100%!! I was so excited, and I told Makenna and Connor right away. Makenna told our coach, and everyone was really happy. I couldn't believe the success of our project! Not only had we helped out the swim team, but we had managed to get a perfect score on our English project as well! It was truly a satisfying day. 

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